Ramallah: Al-Nasher signs an agreement with Jordan Commercial Bank

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Al-Nasher signed an agreement with Jordan Commercial Bank for the sake of developing and implementing its advertising and media campaigns, and managing its  events in the year of 2015. The agreement was signed by Mr. Sa’d AbdulHadi, CEO of Al-Nasher and Mr. Muntasir Shishtri, the regional manager of Jordan Commercial Bank.

Mr. AbdulHadi expressed his gratitude for cooperating with Jordan Commercial Bank, as he pointed out that Al-Nasher will invest its expertise and abilities in order to fulfill the Bank’s vision; emphasizing the significance of cooperation between the private sector institutions, so economic development can be reached in Palestine.
Moreover, Mr. Shishtri confirmed that this agreement is a part of the strategic vision that Jordan Commerical Bank adopts for expanding its activities, and improving the services the Bank provides for its customers; in addition, activating its role and social responsibility, valuing the cooperation with Al-Nasher to fulfill this vision.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Nasher has a set of integrated solutions, and miscellaneous services on the level of Advertising, Public Relations, Media and Consulting. Moreover, Al-Nasher has a wide network of relations with local and international institutions, and with public and private sectors as well.