Sponsored by “Al-Nasher”: “Gaza Ascends to Heaven”...An Art Exhibition in Ramallah

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Al-Nasher provided its support for the exhibition of the Palestinian artist, Mohammed Samhouri, which was opened in 26th of March 2015 at the Mahmoud Darwish Foundation in Ramallah, whereas it went on for a week.

Mohammad Samhouri, which is 46 years old, was born in Amman and moves back and forth between Ramallah and Amman. Samhouri opened various art galleries at the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Palestine. He works as a journalist and a writer; and has many publications in the fields of stories, novels and diaries.

Samhouri painted 62 impressionist paintings; Gaza was represented in each painting as a fish. He stated that “the fish is a symbol of generosity and goodness; Gaza was characterized as a fish since it is the only thing that does not besiege Gaza, it is the only hope for it and its only guardian”.

“I tried highlighting Gaza in an atheistic kind of way; despite the siege, destruction, blood and assassination it faces.

Moreover, Sa’d Abdulhadi, CEO of Al-Nasher confirmed the company’s support for “Gaza Ascends to Heaven” exhibition is within its frame of interest in the cultural side in Palestine; in addition, he stated the authentic beauty of Samhouri’s paintings.

Al-Nasher built the exhibition and coordinated various paintings and printings. Whereas the exhibition was organized by the Mahmoud Darwish Foundation, and funded by Al-Nasher, Wattan News Agency and Al-Salam Gallery.