Expotech 2011

November, 2011

Launched in 2004, the Palestine ICT Exhibition- ExpoTech- is recognized nationwide as the largest and most professional exhibition in Palestine. ExpoTech demonstrates new locally developed innovative solutions and services in addition to latest technologies and equipment developed worldwide and brought to the Palestinian market by leading ICT companies.

ExpoTech emerge with a clear aim to increase exposure of the IT sector in Palestine showing both the skill and level of development, increasing awareness in Palestine of the latest technological advancements, building commercial relations with companies and related industries, signing business contracts, and maximizing positive media coverage within Palestine.

The inaugural event in 2004 featured 34 of the top ICT companies in Palestine. Products and services were showcased at the event including hardware and software, peripherals, accessories, networking and internet services, applications, customized solutions, training and consulting.

Al Nasher was responsible for:

  • Theme/ Image building including Logo design
  • Construction of around 700 sqm of exhibition space for the largest ICT companies and implementation of the general image
  • Advertising and promotion campaign
  • All print materials and giveaway items
  • PR campaign and media relations
  • Event organizing including 2 press conferences

The brand for ExpoTech, as developed by Al Nasher, remained as the main theme and image of the exhibition in the subsequent years. Al Nasher remained to play a major role in ExpoTech in 2005 and 2006 although organizers decided to distribute the implementation between 3 companies.

Project Multimedia Gallery: