Mahmoud Darwish Museum

January, 2012

Al Nasher has always been heavily invested in the cultural and art scene in Palestine. This gives Al Nasher a unique edge as being able to take on projects that require cultural communications rather than corporate communications. Al Nasher has played a primary role in the design and implementation of Al-Birweh Park and Mahmoud Darwish Museum.

Al-Birweh Park and Mahmoud Darwish museum’s interior was designed, implemented, branded and promoted by Al-Nasher. Al-Nasher staff merged the flexibility of its design gracefully with the elements of the Palestinian land. Dozens of art works are integrated with the decadent themes of the park and museum.

Our work included:

  • Concept design
  • Audio-visual systems
  • Interior and exterior lighting systems
  • Displays cases
  • Signage for entire site
  • Brand image
  • Gift items
  • Marketing collaterals including website:

you can also find the advance virtual tour under
and the 3D visualization under

Project Multimedia Gallery: