Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation

January, 2016

The PDIC was established by the provisions of presidential decree No. 7 of 2013, which was approved by the President on 29/5/2013.

 Mission and Vision

Enhance banking and financial stability in Palestine by protecting depositors, particularly new ones, and ensure a sound banking system that will continue its role in economic activity efficiently and effectively. This scheme will limit banking crises.


The PDIC seeks to realize the following goals:

Protect the rights of depositors based on a defined limited sum per deposit in the event of the bank’s inability to repay depositors.

Enhance confidence in the banking system and preserve stability.

Increase awareness about the deposit insurance scheme and encourage savings.

 Al Nasher Work:

Al Nasher worked with the PDIC on campaigns, creative designs, visibility items, and printed materials.

-Designing and placing Facebook and Newspaper ads.

- 30,000 promoting SMS

-Broadcasting around 1,500 radio spots on 4 Radio Stations

-Research about banking in West bank and Gaza. 


Project Multimedia Gallery: