Hisham Palace Museum

May, 2014

Al Nasher has been taking leading steps in establishing itself as a specialized agency in the development of museums in the Middle East. Starting with a deep understanding of the story behind the museum, Al Nasher was able to create a space that reflects the story of the place to visitors in an illustrated and engaging manner. 

The work Al Nasher conducted at the museum included:

  • Interior design of the museum
  • Supervision, with MoTA and other parties of the civil contractors
  • Design and production of museum cabinets
  • Labeling of objects
  • Illustrative information panels covering the story of Hisham's palace, archeological findings in Palestine, and the artifacts on display in the museum
  • Linking of the museum with the bigger collection of artifacts at the Palestine Museum (Rockefeller) in Jerusalem through an LCD TV and slideshow
  • Directional signs and path of tour in the palace
  • Design of interpretation signs for the site
  • Development of a branding manual for the museum


Project Multimedia Gallery: 
A view from the museum